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A.Vogel Herbamare Diet 125g

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Just like A.Vogel’s famous original Herbamare, Herbamare Diet is made in rural Colmar, France, by steeping fresh herbs and vegetables with salt for up to a full year so that their flavours are absorbed by the salt crystals themselves. Here, though, the salt is not ordinary sodium chloride (NaCl) but potassium chloride (KCl), making Herbamare Diet suitable for anyone avoiding sodium due to high blood pressure or other health issues. If you’ve been dissatisfied with other KCl-based salt substitutes, try this - the intense herbal flavour generated by A. Vogel’s lengthy production process goes a long way toward masking the unfamiliar flavour of the potassium chloride!

  • Can be used by those on a low sodium diet
  • Free from artificial flavours and preservatives
  • No MSG
  • Unique – low sodium salt containing 14 different herbs, vegetables and spices


Potassium chloride, leek*, paprika*, onions*, lovage*, parsley*, celery*, lemon*, spinach*, horseradish*, thyme*, rosemary*, kelp, basil*, marjoram*, garlic* and magnesium chloride.

*organically grown

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