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Nirvana Organics Organic Xylitol Sachets 40s x 4g


Organic Xylitol Natural Healthy Sweetener 40 Sachets

Enjoy this everyday shaker pack of your favourite Organic Xylitol to easily sprinkle or pour into your beverages and food! Nirvana Certified Organic Xylitol™ is a remarkable, natural substance that has many beneficial qualities and tastes and even looks like sugar. Xylitol allows you to indulge your sweet tooth in any way you like, knowing the taste is doing you good. Use Nirvana Xylitol™ in your tea, coffee, cocoa or cool beverages and also as a substitute for sugar in your favourite recipes. 1 spoonful of Xylitol equals the sweetness of 1 spoonful of sugar. Each pack contains 4 g of 40 sachets.

  • Pack of 40 Single Serve Individual Organic Xylitol Sticks
  • Perfect All-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Great for managing sweet cravings and blood sugar levels
  • 40 Percent fewer calories than sugar
  • Derived from non-GMO corncob

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