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Nirvana Originals Erythritol 750g


Nirvana Organics is delighted to offer the highest quality 100% Natural Erythritol in attractive and functional retail packaging to the Australian market.

Enjoy this stand-up pouch of your favourite 100% Natural Erythritol to refill your shaker pack or use straight from the bag! Nirvana Certified 100% Natural Erythritol is a delicious all-natural sugar alternative that has almost ZERO Calories, has a ZERO Glycemic Index and ZERO net-carbs.

‘Great Tasting’ Erythritol is naturally derived from fruits and plants and is considered to have a high digestive tolerance. It’s a great option for diabetics, low carb dieters, weight-watchers and the health conscious consumer desiring to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners without sacrificing sweetness. 1.3 spoonful of Erythritol equals the sweetness of 1 spoonful of sugar.

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