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Nature's Cuppa Ceylon Tea 132g x 60 Tea Bags


Natures Cuppa high grown, hand picked leaves are harvested exclusively from our own, organically certified, estates in Sri Lanka. Thats the secret of its delicious, full strength flavour and aroma.

A clean, delicate flavour you will really enjoy, its soft and mild with no grassy taste sometimes found in other green teas. This delicious organic tea is unfermented, the leaves gently steamed to produce a tea rich in antioxidants and other healthy benefits.

Organic Ceylon Tea 60 Teabags

Nature's Cuppa high grown, hand-picked leaves are harvested exclusively from our own, organically certified estates in Sri Lanka. Enjoy the delicious full flavour, aroma and colour of this premium, organic black tea. It's secret lies in its hand-picked, tiny leaves grown high and picked at the moment of perfect freshness. This pure, premium-grade tea makes a superb morning cuppa and gets everybody off to a good, healthy start. Tea the way it should taste.

  • Delight your senses with the delicious flavour, colour and aroma
  • Very tasty and delicious
  • Reduced risk of diabetes

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