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Oil Garden Aromatherapy Clary Sage Oil 12ml

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Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use if suffering from epilepsy.

  • Relief of MUSCULAR CRAMPS, ACHES and PAINS: (M,C).
  • Relief of PREMENSTRUAL SYMPTOMS: (B,M) stomach area. Use only as directed and consult a health care professional if pain or symptoms persist. May cause drowsiness.

Aromatherapy Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil 12 ml

  • Oil for restores clarity, clears nervous anxiety and confusion
  • Useful for muscular cramps and pre-menstrual cramps
  • Made from 100 percent natural ingredients
  • A perfect for Aromatherapy applications
  • A refreshing new fragrance, exploring the many options


Salvia Sclarea Herb 1ml/ml.

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