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Norfolk Punch Norfolk Punch Original 700ml


A healthy non-alcoholic herbal drink, first made by the Benedictine monks of Welle manor in the fenlands of western Norfolk at least 700 years ago, who believed Norfolk punch was "nature's answer to tenseness, tiredness and lowness of spirits". Although the original Norfolk punch has no alcohol, it has a remarkable ability to induce a feeling of cheerfulness and wellbeing. Served piping hot to release the full benefit of the herbs, Norfolk punch, is an ideal accompaniment to any meal, pleasure without alcohol.

  • The authentic medieval recipe of 30 herbs and spices
  • All natural and alcohol free
  • With a unique delicious tang
  • Norfolk punch is an ideal accompaniment to any meal


Water, molasses sugar, honey, lemon and over 30 herbs, berries and spices including, Alder, Alehoof, Angelica Bay., Camomile. Caraway, Cinnamon, Clove, Daisy, Dandelion, Dock, Elderberry, Elderflower, Fennel, Feverfew, Ginger, Grape skin, Hop, Lemon Balm.

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