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Symington's Instant Dandelion Tea 500g


Symington's Instant Dandelion Herbal Tea is a granulated form of Roasted Dandelion root. It has a very pleasant taste, quick to prepare and does not require a long boiling of the roasted root as is required by conventional ungranulated roasted root to extract the valuable soluble solids of Dandelion. It is an ideal caffeine free alternative beverage. The product is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans as it contains lactose. (Vegetarian only).

Symington's Instant Dandelion Herbal Tea is easily prepared by adding one teaspoon in a cup of hot water. Add milk to taste. Due to its pleasant non bitter taste most people do not require sweeteners.

Ingredients: Soluble solids of Dandelion Root.

Instant Dandelion Tea 500 g

Symington's Dandelion Tea is a delicious caffeine-free beverage. Symington's is pure dandelion and is made from naturally grown roasted dandelion root. Dandelion is rich in minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, C, D, E and B as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Symington's is ideal for health-conscious consumers as it provides the full herbal properties of dandelion. A cup of healthy Symington's Dandelion is easily prepared by adding a teaspoonful of easily dissolved granules to a 220 ml cup of hot water. It can be drunk with or without milk and sugar to taste.

  • A delicious caffeine free beverage
  • Made from naturally grown roasted dandelion root
  • Enjoy your cup of tea with peace of mind
  • Perfect for any time of the day

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