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Teelixir Astragalus Root 50g


Astragalus root is famed for its powerful energising and strengthening effects. This adaptogenic herb strenghens the primary energy of the body, boosts immunity, supports blood, and all metabolic, respiratory, and eliminative functions. Astragalus is an excellent tonic for athletes and performers for increasing physical energy.

Astragalus Root Tonic Herb 50 g

  • Strengthen the primary energy of the body
  • An excellent tonic for athletes and performers
  • Works as an immune stimulator
  • Supports and enhances the body's defence system
  • Effectively balances all systems in the body


It is recommended starting with 1/2 tsp per day. If you know you are sensitive to herbs, you may want to start with 1/4 tsp. When your body feels ready, can increase your dosage according to your needs and daily requirements.


Wild Cultivated And Organically Grown Astragalus Root.

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