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White Magic Washing Up Pad Midnight 1Pk


Take the hard out of washing up' work with the White Magic Eco Washing Up Pad.

The ultimate dishwashing tool, this dual sided pad can scrub and wipe any mess in your sink. The scrubbing side cuts through stubborn burnt-in mess on pots and pans while the flat side is great for wiping down mildly soiled surfaces on plates, cutlery and glasses. The White Magic Eco Cloth Washing Up Pad is a unique combination of Polyester / Polyamide / PU Sponge materials to ensure superior cleaning capabilities.

Designed for improved cleaning this pad can be used with or without detergent; it can also be sanitised in the dishwasher for a more hygienic clean.


  • Colour: Midnight
  • Dual sided
  • Can be used with or without detergent
  • Dishwasher safe

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