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White Magic Eco Basics Fridge Deodoriser 1 unit


Keep your fridge bacteria, moisture and odour free with the White Magic Eco Basics Fridge Deodoriser!

Ideal for use in both the fridge and freezer, this fridge deodoriser with bamboo charcoal sachet insert works to purify the air in your fridge or freezer by absorbing any airborne moisture and bacteria to keep your fridge dry and odour free. Designed for use for up to a year, to refresh the deodoriser simply place the bamboo charcoal bag in the sun once a month to recharge.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Yellow
  • 1 deodoriser per 300L fridge capacity
  • Bamboo charcoal insert
  • Absorbs moisture, odour and bacteria
  • Lemon shaped
  • Vents for circulation
  • Takes full effect in 1 week
  • Recharge monthly by placing in direct sunlight
  • After 1 year empty into the garden for fertiliser

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