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Bee Products Manuka Honey Blend MG30+ 500g

  • 100% Honey.
  • MG stands for Methylglyoxal, lab tested as milligrams per 1kg of Honey
  • Taste tested for quality.
  • Found on supermarket shelves.
  • Heated at moderate temperature for extraction and packing purposes.
  • Conforms with New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries Manuka Honey standards
  • For  more information regarding changes to Bee Products labelling and pricing read -> http://www.beeproducts.com.au/latest-news

Established 1994, Manuka International has been a family business for over 20 years. " Health from one generation to another"

Ware a company that takes great pride in working with over 400 professional Bee keepers in New Zealand, who have integrity and take pride in their honey production; we only purchase superior honeys and maintain premium quality control.

Manuka Honey is extracted from the hives of bees that have harvested nectar from the pollution free forest of New Zealand. Manuka Honey is extracted, filtered and packaged ready for you to eat

Bee Products MG30+ Manuka Honey Blend 500 g

Bee Products Manuka Honey Blend MG30+ with its rich, floral flavour and distinctive aroma, Bee Products Manuka Honey is 100 percent New Zealand honey at its best. Honey is hand-harvested from hives scattered throughout New Zealand's pristine forests, home to the local manuka tea tree. Manuka honey is world-renowned for its special properties. Available in 500 g bottle.

  • Harvested from the remote pollution free New Zealand forest
  • Has a distinctive golden hue, rich flavour and unique aroma
  • Supporting digestive and immune health
  • Relieving the symptoms of sore throats and coughs
  • Has a very smooth, pleasant texture


100 % Manuka Honey.

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