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VGood PeaNOT Butter Smooth 310g


Made from roasted chickpeas, VGood PeaNOT Chickpea Butter isn’t your regular nut butter. It is a lunchbox safe alternative to peanut butter, with a focus on great taste and a great eating experience. The unique PeaNOT Butter recipe delivers a real ‘peanut butter’ taste and texture, completely free from peanuts and tree-nuts. With 57% chickpeas it offers a plant-based source of protein, fibre, and iron, with no artificial preservatives or colours and a 5-star health rating.

Not just a lunchbox spread, PeaNOT Chickpea Butter is a fantastic alternative to nut butters for baking, smoothies, protein balls, pancakes, satay sauce, curries and more!

Ingredients: Roasted chickpeas, vegetable oil, sugar, sea salt, allergen friendly flavour, cocoa.

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