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The Broth Sisters Fermented Chili Paste 170g

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A hot chilli paste for spicy food lovers who want 100% clean ingredients and versatility. 

Gluten Free | KETO friendly | 100% real food | NO SEED oils | VEGAN certified | Sugar Free

34 serves per jar

Add to your favourite sauces, broth, chilli or stew.  Try atop pizza with anchovies. Spread directly, or add to smashed avo for a delicious sandwich spread. Often described as salt and pepper for chilli lovers. Made using a traditional Calabrian family recipe.

Ingredient ListRed chilli (49%), extra virgin olive oil, Mt Zero Pink Lake salt, garlic

Storage Keep in a cool dry place for up to 1 year, with sufficient olive oil to keep the chilli submerged. Top up with olive oil as required.

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