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Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement 14s

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Spatone Iron Sachets are an effective iron without constipation. Spatone Iron is clinically tested to not cause constipation, stomach irritation or nausea.

Why should I take an iron supplement?

Low iron is one of the most common mineral deficiencies affecting women in their lifetime. If an iron deficiency is left untreated, it can lead to anemia. Symptoms of iron deficiency are similar to those of anemia and can be difficult to recognise. They include symptoms such as feeling fatigued, brain drain and poor concentration, increased infections, decreased endurance and poor tolerance to exercise and dry, brittle hair and nails. Those most at risk of iron deficiency are pregnant women, enstruating women, vegetarians, teenagers and the elderly.

Are all iron supplements the same?

Definitely not. Traditional iron supplements like ferrous sulphate have low rates of absorption so you need to take high doses to restore your iron levels to normal. Spatone delivers a much more absorbable form of iron, so you can take lower, safer starting dose yet still effectively prevent iron insufficiency.

Why doesnt Spatone cause constipation like other iron supplements?

The answer is simple. Because Spatone is easily absorbed into the body, you only need to take small amounts to get your recommended daily intake of iron. Spatone leaves very little unabsorbed iron in the bowel for excretion and therefore minimizes common side effects like constipation, stomach irritation and nausea. Spatone has been clinically proven to be effective without these harmful side effects. Spatone Iron is a 100% natural liquid iron that comes in convenient liquid sachets, direct from the spring in Snowdonia, Wales, UK. No chemicals or manufactured products are added. Liquid Spatone does not have to be dissolved in the stomach and is quickly absorbed.

Spatone Iron is easy to take with the recommended dosage being one to two sachets per day. It is available in 14 sachet packs & 28 sachet packs.

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