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Teeccino Turkey Tail AstragalusMushroom x 10 Tea Bags


Teeccino’s Turkey Tail Astragalus Mushroom adaptogen herbal tea blends balancing turkey tail mushroom and strengthening astragalus root with roasted chicory, ramón seeds and maple flavours for a delicious, slightly sweet herbal tea. Chicory is considered a prebiotic and helps feed the good bacteria in the body’s digestive tract while apoptogenic herbs and functional mushrooms help restore balance while delivering essential nutrients. Enjoy brewed as you would regular tea, served on ice or as a smoothie base. 

Ingredients: Carob pods*, chicory root*, barley*, astragalus root* (Astragalus propinquus 600mg), dates, turkey tail extract* (Trametes versicolor fruiting body and mycelium blend: 300mg) natural toasted maple flavour, figs*.

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