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Locako Magnesium and Gut Support 60c

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Locako’s Keto Essential formula is scientifically created with the highest quality nutrients to support gut health for those on a keto diet, our propriety blend helps relieve constipation, supports the digestive system, helps maintain a healthy gut and help break down fat in the body. An overall essential for a lower carb and keto way of living.

  • Helps enhance healthy digestive system function
  • Helps enhance health digestive system flora
  • Helps restore good gut flora

Direction for Use:

Take TWO capsules daily with food.

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Not suitable for children.

Bacillus Coagulans may affect the way some medicines work, including immune suppressants. Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking with other medicines.


Glycyrrhiza glabra 75mg, Equiv to dry rhizome975mg, Equiv to glycyrrhizinic acid 15mg, Punica granatum 25mg, Equiv to dry fruit peel 1.25g, Equiv to Ellagic acid 10mg, Curcuma Longa 40mg Equiv to dry rhizome 1g, Equiv to curcuminoids 38mg, Piper Nigrum 5mg, Equiv to dry fruit 80mg, Bacillus Coagulans 1 B CFU, Protease 2.5mg, Lipase 2.5mg, Amylase 24mg, Cellulase 1.83mg, Magnesium Glycinate Dihydrate 15mg, Equiv to Magnesium 2.85mg, Magnesium Citrate 50mg Equiv to Magnesium 7.75mg, Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 25mg, Equiv to Magnesium 7.75mg.

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