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Power Super Foods Camu Camu Powder Organic 200g


Camu camu are small tart red berries native to the Amazon rainforest growing wild on the shrubs of riverbanks and floodplains. Gently dried at low temperatures, our Camu Camu has a delicious tangy citrusy flavour and high vitamin C content.

Camu Camu is an excellent source of vitamin C. In fact, camu camu is one of the richest sources of natural vitamin C in the world, with more than 50 times that of oranges. Vitamin C is involved in many bodily functions including supporting healthy immune function, iron absorption, collagen production, wound healing, and bone, cartilage and teeth health.

Creating economic opportunities in an otherwise unproductive land, our fairly traded wild harvested Camu Camu Powder provides positive outcomes for small scale Peruvian farmers through economic and social empowerment.


Certified Organic Camu Camu Berry Powder (Myrciaria dubia).

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