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Strip Clean EcoLaundry Detergent Fre.Linen 30s

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Our Laundry Sheets Fresh Linen are super concentrated and contain only essential cleaning ingredients with no filler. They are grey water safe and fine to go back into the ocean. You might think that you’re doing the best thing for the environment with a plant based liquid detergent but Strip clean are even better! Strip Clean Laundry sheets come in a super compact box and the cardboard is much easier to recycle than a bulky plastic container.

Lots of laundry products in the market contain parabens, phosphates, petroleum’s and harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin causing conditions such as hives and dermatitis. Strip Clean sheets are fine for the whole family including those with sensitive skin.

Strip Clean are great for people to take on a business trip or camping holiday as they take up barely any room in your bag and you never have to worry about liquid spilling onto your clothes.

Our laundry sheets won’t leave a residue, you will never have to worry about white powder marks on your black clothing. Our strips are also great on bright colours as they contain no optical whiteners and won’t leave your clothes with bleach stains.

Our strips are sure to be the next big thing in laundry products, convert to washing with strips today and let’s work together to reduce all the plastic in the planet.

How to Use:

For a standard wash, rip down the perforation and use one half. If you have a large load or very dirty laundry, use both halves.

Place the laundry sheet(s) in the detergent straight into the machine for front and top loaders. The sheets will dissolve in water with no mess or residue.

You can use them in hot or cold water, and they’re just as effective for handwashing if you dissolve them in water first.


For a small regular load, you can get away with using half a laundry sheet.

For a full load, you should use a full laundry sheet. 


Coconut Oil Alcohol, Coconut Oil Extract, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Sodium Gluconate, Natural Vegetable Oil Film, Sulfonic Acids, Sodium Salts, Glycereth Cocoate, Starch, Deionized Water.

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