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Thankfully Nourished Pup Power Collagen 180g

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We all want happy and healthy pets, but many dogs are troubled with a weakening of their joints. Sadly, some pups get Osteoarthritis, a painful condition that greatly impacts their joint mobility and quality of life. Thankfully, Pup Power is a concentrated source of hydrolysed collagen to provide your dog with the protein needed for tissue building and repair. The bioactive collagen peptides break the cycle of joint degeneration to help your dog become strong and happy.

  • Bioactive with a high absorption rate for your pet to take in all its goodness!
  • Proven to stimulate joint cartilage metabolism in pets
  • Natural and non-allergenic
  • A neutral taste for fussy dogs
  • Derived from grass-fed cattle
  • Guaranteed GMO and Glyphosate free

Suggested Use: 

Use 1g (1/2 tsp) powder per 5kg of bodyweight. Can be mixed into both food or drink.


100% Collagen Peptides (Bovine) for pets

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