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The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Double Choc 450g




We created our Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie with the expertise of nutritionists and food technologists to boost your health and weight loss goals. It also revolutionises your healthy and weight loss by giving you an extra nutritional boost.

What is the Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie?

Our delicious Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie is the perfect addition to your healthy meal plan. It will give you a nutritional boost to help you with your weight loss and health goals. It is:

  • A nutritious meal replacement smoothie based on whey protein
  • Contains our premium protein blend with 80% whey protein
  • Immensely creamy and smooth formula
  • Full of 23 vitamins and minerals
  • Enhances your gut health with the addition of probiotics
  • Has a flavour so intense you can really taste it and don’t need to add extra ingredients to the mix to make your smoothie delicious
  • Super simple and fast to make – just shake and go! You can also add some extra fruit and veggies to the mix and blend it to give yourself a more nutritional boost – DELISH!
  • Contains no artificial nasties like flavours, colours or preservatives

How can the Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie support your weight loss?

The Healthy Mummy Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie packs a nutritional punch full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants. It’s a meal replacement that will perfectly fit your weight loss meal plan and give your health and weight loss goals a boost. It supports your health and your weight loss goals because it:

  • Only has 217 caloriesˆ
  • Helps you maintain fullness for longer with its high fibre and protein
  • Has only 3.4g carbs per serve
  • Provides the best nutrition to help increase your energy
  • Offers your essential minerals, vitamins, nutrients and necessary antioxidants all in one place

What else makes the Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie so great?

The delicious Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie offersˆ:

  • A boost to your vitamin A that beats a Salmon fillet
  • A boost to your iron that beats a steak
  • A boost to your potassium that beats 2.5 bananas
  • A boost to your Zinc that beats 5 eggs
  • A boost to your calcium that beats a glass of milk
  • A boost to your folate that beats 2 cups of spinach
  • A boost to your vitamin B12 that beats a chicken breast

How we suggest you serve the Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie

For a simple, tasty smoothie, just place 30g or one scoop of Premium Double Chocolate Smoothie powder in a shaker, then pour in 250ml of your favourite milk. Shake and serve.

450g | 15 serves

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